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The Noise Beneath the Apple® is a limited-edition, 200-page deluxe collector’s edition art-style book full of high quality photographs and intimate stories from 35 groundbreaking musicians in New York City’s underground music scene. It also comes with a very special eleven track vinyl record, which features the original music of a select number of participants. The audio component was mastered by Academy Award winning  engineer Reuben Cohen. 

Author Heather Jacks set out on a grassroots effort to bring attention to and celebrate the busking musicians in NYC and around the globe. This project began as a series of interviews and profiles that appeared in various music and culture e-zines around the country. Jacks was moved by the stories and the people who shared this public space. With stories from NYC representing the entire globe, she soon realized that we don’t live in a small world but a large room.

The music and musicians featured in The Noise Beneath the Apple® are as diverse as the streets of NYC. This is especially apparent with the forthcoming release of a cover of Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind” featuring the book’s participants, including a musical saw, metal cello and accordion. The song was recorded at Grand Street Recording in Brooklyn, NY. It was arranged and produced by Best Revenge Records recording artist Keaton Simons.

“As indigenous to New York City as subways, Central Park and the Statue of Liberty, those tireless performers known as buskers have become the unsung  heroes of the city’s underground music scene,” said Lee Zimmerman, of No Depression (“Lee’s Listening Stack”) in advance praise of the book.  “The Noise Beneath The Apple® finally gives these dedicated artists their due, turning the spotlight on a talented group of individuals usually hidden in the shadows, both literally and figuratively. For anyone interested in discovering the sounds that encompass the true heart and soul of the city, this is nothing less than an essential archival collection.”

TNBTA Book and Record

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