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On March 13, 2014, Foreword Reviews, the only review magazine solely dedicated to discovering new indie books, announced the finalists for its 16th Annual Book of the Year Awards. We are proud to share that The Noise Beneath the Apple®, WON in the Performing Arts & Music Category.

To order a copy of the Award Winning Book, click HERE.

Here is what the press is saying….

“I jumped at the opportunity to review this gorgeous book. The record is filled with eclectic tracks that bring the spirit of these performers of New York City to the grooves of the vinyl as Jack’s words and Close’s photographs tell their stories. It’s this type of book that you will find always displayed on my coffee table for my guests to enjoy…”

 –The San Francisco Book Review To read the entire review, click HERE.

The Noise Beneath The Apple has everything we believe in at Innocent Words Magazine. With the NYC busking scene as its base, there is a plethora of fantastic music with enriching stories behind them and beautiful artwork to move you. Music, words, art = love.” – Troy Michael, Innocent Words Magazine

“As indigenous to New York City as subways, Central Park and the Statue of Liberty, those tireless performers known as buskers have become the unsung heroes of the city’s underground music scene. The Noise Beneath The Apple finally gives these dedicated artists their due, turning the spotlight on a talented group of individuals usually hidden in the shadows, both literally and figuratively. For anyone interested in discovering the sounds that encompass the true heart and soul of the city, this is nothing less than an essential archival collection.”– Lee Zimmerman, No Depression (“Lee’s Listening Stack”)

TNBTA Compilation Album in Review by Ryan Merkel of Culture Tease

TNBTA Art Book in Review by Ryan Merkel of Culture Tease

Here is what some fans are saying….

“I absolutely LOVE your writing!! and I’m sooooooooooooo happy to be in your fantastic book! I thought the way you put my chapter together is really brilliant. I’ll bet that there are some professional musical mags that could use a lot of this info for inspiring and aspiring string players.The chapter had info, humor, entertainment, human interest; it had everything!”–Luellen Abdoo, Violinist/Book Participant

“I read it cover to cover. Not only is it beautiful, but the stories of the buskers are captivating. A wonderful portrait of an alive, dynamic New York music scene that can rightfully be called, ‘The soundtrack of the City.’ A dream gift for any music lover.”–Noela N. Evans

“As luxurious as this book is, it takes no pains in glossing over the honest and truly real experience these musicians offer. The writing is sensitive, the photographs expressive and true. Reading this gives insight to the world as the musicians see and feel it. The fight they face enduring their days doing their best, not for the money or the fame but, really, to give and so, to really live. The stories remind me of the wonder I felt while reading Stud’s Terkels ‘working’. There’s another world out there. You can find your introduction here.”–Danny Gonzalez, Musician/Book Participant

The Noise Beneath The Apple®  Book is SO MUCH MORE than an art-style, coffee table book! It’s a deluxe collector’s book and vinyl record showcasing 35 NYC Street Musicians!

Heather Jacks’ is both our teacher and tour guide through the streets, parks, and subways of New York City bringing us the incredible stories of the musicians that only the fortunate have had the opportunity to experience live, but most haven’t had time to fully contemplate and appreciate. These artists are not homeless folks…on the contrary, and to my surprise, some of which have been classically trained at the finest of schools such as Julliard, some are self-taught, one was the opener for an undiscovered Dave Matthews. There’s an electric violin (made of Lucite) player who just happens to have performed at Carnegie Hall, Yankee Stadium, and with the Sheila E. Band, a well-known NY fashion photographer-turned-busker, and a beat-rhymer who has performed at Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden, on the PBS series, The Electric Company, to name a few.” .”–Linda Madeline, Music Professional

“My copy arrived today and I have been bowled over for hours, reading different sections on different artists, listening to the vinyl, and just being ecstatic over it in general. Everything – the design, the photography, and most of all you’re writing (no joke) is absolutely wonderful. Many times, when someone writes an article about me, there are usually a few inaccuracies, a few misquotes. But your chapter about me was 100% accurate. So, I can only assume that the detailed “portraits” you create of the other musicians are equally accurate, evocative and inspiring (at least, they are to me). The mastering on the vinyl is superb; I put it on my turntable and just sat there, amazed at the depth and richness of the sound. I hope this book gets a tremendous amount of attention. I love the slipcover – it reminds me of days when fine books all had one. The red foil stamping along its spine is really striking, the logo and title look great and then, when you slide the book out, that cover shot is spectacular.” –Kip Rosser, Thereminist/Book Participant

“Unfortunately, the first time flipping through a book like this you notice the photos, and perhaps unconsciously the excellent design (layout), and don’t get to read Heather Jacks’ outstanding writing. She is a great writer, and the book is worth reading. The NYC subway photos at the back of the book also standout. Overall, the book is an unusual pairing of great photography, great writing, and great design.” –Joel Grossman, Editor

“What an extraordinary labor of love you have created – I really had NO idea of the vastness and depth of scope.  I knew you must have worked hard but I couldn’t have conceived of how hard you must actually have worked until I saw it.  It’s utterly beautiful.  Deep respect to you. And thank you for the article about me – I have done several print interviews and have never felt as well-captured or respected as I did when I read your piece.  you are GOOD.”–  Liz Rogers, Musician/Book Participant

TNBTA Book and Record2

Here is our music For Streaming Purposes Only. To purchase the Limited Edition Record, visit our eShop

TNBTA Compilation Album: New York City Edition

Coming Soon—New York State of Mind As Performed by New York City Street Musicians

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