What Is Busking?

What is busking, you ask? Check out this 3 minute video to get a little insight. What Is Busking from Heather Jacks of TNBTA on Vimeo.

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From Street To Studio Short Film Trailer

TNBTA New York State Of Mind

A promotional video for our short film, From Street to Studio: NYC Edition. To learn more or order your copy, visit our eShop today. From Street To Studio Trailer from Heather Jacks of TNBTA on Vimeo.

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Esquire Premieres Our Song!


The Noise Beneath the Apple® (TNBTA), a multi-media project that strives to legitimize the profession of busking, today partnered with Esquire Magazine to premiere a one-of-a-kind musical collaboration that honors street musicians and the city of New York. 30 of NYC’s buskers, who were featured in the project’s self-titled 200-page Award Winning limited edition art-style book,

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Street Artist of the Day: Accordionista, Melissa Elledge


Wow. I have fallen into a rut in the last six months. I have stuck safely to my electronic favorites and been revisiting some indie rock staples that I hold dear. Every once in a while though, something new awakens my interest in non-conventional forms of music, and I fall down a bizarre rabbit hole of bluegrass or melodic Norwegian metal. Melissa Elledge may have just become the arbiter for a whole new adventure into the orifices of the accordion….

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We Were Featured on NPR Affiliate, WFUV


I was delighted to be featured on Cityscape with George Bodarky, of WFUV.  Cityscape, is an award-winning public affairs program from WFUV Public Radio, which is an NPR affiliate in New York. If you missed the show, you can hear it in its entirety by clicking the link below. Thank you for the continued support. Cityscape and Busking Show    

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Street Artist of the Day, Tara Hack Music Review


Oh, the gift of music. It may not be something big corporate sellout acts really care about anymore, but in the world of New York City independent busking it is alive and well. Tara Hack organically writes acoustic love songs seemingly about events that occurred just months ago and are still wildly fresh from the musician (and not recycled reiterations from decades ago).  ‘Letters from the Case’ is Tara Hack’s mini-album, otherwise known as an EP, which captures the imaginative…

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Street Artist of The Day: Lindsay Dragan


    Written by Ryan Merkel of Culture Tease and Resident Review Guru of TNBTA®. I consider myself a rather astute listener, so this slightly embarrassing story is a little peculiar. I was listening to two tracks at the same time from the absolutely elegant guitarist and vocalist, Lindsay Dragan. It was certainly a mistake, a little journalistic multi-tasking that occurs when one is busy readying their thoughts and finding some background about who and what they are listening to. …

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