Make Money with Merch in Four Easy Steps

merch table

When I go to a show, one of the first things I do, is visit the merch table. Next, I drag my friends over to visit the merch table and then we buy–(before the show even starts!)  I am always STUNNED when musicians, who are ‘selling their songs‘, have a substandard merch table–or worst of all: NO merch table! That being said, I thought this article about merch, could be very helpful to indie musicians and buskers alike. It doesn’t…

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Introduction to Licensing Music

by GREG SAVAGE Licensing music is simply the act of giving a third party the right to use your material. Three common music licenses are the blanket license, sync license and master license. Music Licensing can be quite confusing, and while there are different types of licenses, I’d like to focus on three I feel are most vital to us as composers, producers, and artists: blanket license, sync license, and master license. Terms to pay attention to throughout this post: Licensee: person/client…

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Q&A With Music Publicist Laura Goldfarb| Red Boot Publicity

Red Boot PR

  She engages you in an earnest manner.  Her style is steady, almost practiced, punctuated with few gesticulations, an even voice and body language to match.  Tousled brown hair bound casually in a loose ponytail, eyes alive with a deep seeded and unrelenting passion. Her passion? Independent music and the musicians who create it. Her name? Laura Goldfarb, President and Music Publicist at Red Boot Publicity.

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Crowdfunding: Insights From Ethan Mollick of The Wharton School of Business

word cloud

By this point, we all know what crowdfunding is. In its simplest definition, it is a way to raise funds and capitol for ventures via the internet. The venture can take the form of many things from inventions, new clothing lines, artistic endeavors, etc…Awards are provided in exchange for monetary contributions towards a project or goal. There are tons of sites, many framed towards specific projects; music, technology, inventions…For a brief comparison of a few of the leaders in music/arts…

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Reader Review from Music & Arts Connection: Your Band Is A Virus


James Moore’s expanded edition of Your Band Is A Virus brings to mind spring cleaning and a time of reorganization and renewal. Independent Musicians and their promoters will appreciate a fresh perspective after discovering Moore’s detailed steps to recommit efforts to grow a substantial online fan-base. Your Band Is A Virus is a comprehensive collection of relevant online marketing websites, insider tips, and sound recommendations for maximum band exposure. Moore’s casual writing style provides friendly advice gained from his vast…

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Crowd Funding Sites Compared; Indieagogo, Kickstarter, Pledgemusic, Rockethub


The book is done and the music has been sung. But for me personally, there is one piece of the puzzle that I still wanted to accomplish; or should say, still will accomplish. It’s going to require a bit more money and a lot of love; more love than money actually! But, we still need the money! So, we have chosen to use a crowd funding platform to raise funds and awareness. But, before I tell you about the project,…

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A Little Rant and Rave About the New Indie Music Marketing Book: Your Band Is A Virus

Your Band is A Virus

Most indie music marketing books, are chock full of examples on how some huge name band got started with a can of Ragu and a YouTube video and now they’re opening for Prince. Or they are filled with rehashed resource lists that include Pitchfork or CMJ as viable samples of who to contact when you are just starting out. Don’t get me wrong; both Pitchfork and CMJ are music industry titans, and by the time they respond to you, you…

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Your Band Is A Virus – Expanded Edition available for Indie Musicians

YBIAV-EE midsize

A new independent musician’s guide has been released with the intention of “cleaning up the music promotion game“; the newly released “Your Band Is A Virus – Expanded Edition” by Independent Music Promotions founder James Moore is available now at all digital outlets. A follow up to the popular 2010 book, the new expanded edition is roughly double the size of its predecessor, boasting hundreds of new promotion tactics aimed at helping independent artists become their own publicists. “The intention…

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Five Cool, DIY, Indie Promotional Ideas

Van Halen in the eighties

I come from Oregon, the Beaver state. Somebody has too.  And like the eighties anthem by one of the many one hit wonder bands, of that era,  A Flock of Seagulls, I Ran…oh yes, I ran so far away—as soon as was humanly possible. For me, that happened at the ripe old age of 15, when I signed up to be an ‘experimental exchange student’ leaving Indian land for the great land down-unda.  (That’s how they pronounce it: downunda, as if it…

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5 Ways You Can Support Independent Music


  Well, the record company’s goin’ out of business, They price the records too damn high And the boys in the band could use some assistance Well, the record company’s goin’ out of business These lyrics were penned by John Cougar Mellencamp in the eighties, and what was true then, is truer now.  Over the past decades we have witnessed the decline of the record industry, right alongside the decline of Western Civilization. There are a myriad of reasons for…

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