Sol & The May Tree Arc- Tumblin Down; Indie Music Review

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It is quite difficult to gauge a substantial grounding of a band based on a brief bio and a single demo, but I seem to be craving just a little more from the wildly exciting Sol and the May Tree Arc. Their name isn’t the most memorable on an “Oh yeah I can remember that” basis, but it surely sticks out in other ways. But if it is not the moniker you remember, I’m sure it can be the sound. The group’s current buzz-track is Tumblin Down, a quickly encapsulated romp through theatrical pop. The song recalls a bizarre mixture of Talking Heeds’ poetic imagery and ‘Guided by Voices’ under produced focus on the raw pop hook. Within that is a Radiohead like era of sense, with just a tad less outrageous synth. The drums float along in a muddy dragging nature which gives the song a substance and weight that is intriguing.

The track certainly feels like it could have more oomph, and I can only hope this feeling is not coming from the fact that this certainly sounds like a demo. I can only hope it is.

Regardless, the under produced quality is charming, and it makes for an enigmatic track despite its obvious shortcomings in the pure rock/pop landscape. But who needs high studio budgets? Who needs clean? Certainly not most bands and certainly not the May tree Arc. Tumblin Down is an oddly addictive and instantly charming piece of rock fervor, accentuated with a ‘Sonic Youth’ quality of ‘rockiness.’ Tumblin Down is fun and silly and a great introduction to a group we can only hope continues.









Ryan Merkel

Ryan Merkel

Ryan Merkel is a writer on music, pop culture, entertainment, business, and all those other fun things which make life tick. He is an entrepreneur, designer, and overall pop culture enthusiast. Ryan owns the clothing line LoveMended with his wife, which focuses on fashion and charity, as well as the music blog CultureTease. Ryan is the author of two novels, and currently lives in Florida.

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