Indie Music Preview, Dave Tucker: In Kind, A Throwback to Rock Era’s Past

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In Kind” marks instrumentalist Dave Tucker’s fourth foray into the world of the full-length album. This time Tucker recruits a fleshed out team to accent his genre-slicing sounds, with Phil Hurley on guitar, Ted Russell Kamp on bass, and Tom Fillman on the drums. The result is a laid-back country swagger, relishing in the fun upbeat nature of pop music, while dialing down the energy for some introspective rock and roll.

Tucker may be beyond his years in a musical climate more conducive to hip-hop, electronica, and hip-hop/electronica; but in the indie world, Tucker has more than enough space to stand on his superior songwriting level of class.

His sound manages to do a few things with precise expertise, and “In Kind” sums up his career rather quaintly as of now. There are plenty of throwbacks to historical rock and country eras of yesteryear. Tucker manages to channel Neil Young sensibilities, and with his rounded group, there’s a lot of the territory that Neil Young and Crazy Horse pioneered with such success. Lyrically, the songs are about fun in the great country; ie: Cocoa Butter Baby–and traditional lovelorn aspirations, as heard in Simple Kind of Love.

Tucker is not always complacently leaning back in his comfort chair in a single area of music, however. He explores traditional reggae  in ‘Arctica’, and an R&B groove in ‘Sing to Me.’ He manages to dual back and forth between old-school country swagger and the darker aspects of Tom Waits.

Dave Tucker is not attempting to bring in a modern audience accustomed to a different speed. And nor should he. Tucker is straight out of the much loved rock era, that many try to emulate with much less success. He accumulates a few modern influences but his music remains stamped forcefully in the nostalgia-infused environment of decades prior. If this makes Tucker inherently dated, so be it. The charm of the old-school and the striving adoration of music when rock and roll was REALLY rock and roll is completely harmless. Not only is it harmless- it’s necessary. Tucker recalls pop, folk, country, and rock with vivacious energy, flipping and tossing them in the air like a maestro veteran straight from the times. It makes Dave Tucker a necessity in the world of modern music.

Dave Tucker’s new album will be available on December 18th. In the meantime, check out some of the upcoming tracks, by clicking HERE.

Ryan Merkel

Ryan Merkel

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