Unplugged, Independent, Brooklyn-ite | Cole Williams | A Singer/Songwriter To Watch

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“The only truth is music.”
― Jack Kerouac

Some people hate the Singer/Songwriter genre; but then again some people hate sex, sunshine and puppies.  Who am I to judge?  Cole Williams is not, by first listen, a traditional Singer/Songwriter, spilling her heart out in saga like song form of thwarted lust and romantic disappointment, while twanging a lone guitar or plucking piano keys. But like a true Singer/Songwriter, Cole has always had something of value to say; has always given us music with meaning.  She has been authentic in telling her own story, which turns out to be our story, while remaining evocative and original at the same time.

Still, I have been desirous of a more stripped down version of Cole.  Apparently the axiom ‘ask and you shall receive‘ has some merit.  Cole will be releasing an acoustic version of “Save Me”, off Out of the Basement, Out of the Box tomorrow, Thursday, May 17th.  In “Save Me”, Cole has created an artistic single, with emphasis on the material as opposed to stylistic signatures.  Punctuated with flowing statements and introspection devoid of egoism, “Save Me“, stands as a complete work, which solidifies her as a musician and an artist, in whatever genre she sinks her teeth into.  Her words are a mile high tidal wave of passion and celebration of simply being yourself.

“‘Save Me’ is one of those songs that I love singing even more than I loved creating it, because I can just let myself go and dig in, letting the chords and lyrics carry me. I’m not just a singer, I’m a musician. As a singer and songwriter it’s always easy for me to get caught up in what I think people want to hear from me. This unplugged version is a way for me to give all my supporters another side of me. I don’t just write and perform songs for the sake of having some throwaway single that no one will remember in three months; I write and perform songs as a full expression of who I am on any given day. I am many things, and I’m here until infinity.”

–Cole Williams–

Listen to “Save Me” by clicking here: SAVE ME ACOUSTIC

Connect with Cole: http://www.thatsmycole.com







Heather Jacks

Heather Jacks

Vixen of Vocabulary who likes to wax poetic about the world of street art, music,busking and all things indie. She has earned two college degrees, traveled extensively and written three books. She is currently finishing the multi-media project, The Noise Beneath the Apple Art-Style Book, to be released in NYC, Spring 2013.

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