30 NYC Buskers Cover Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind

New York State Of Mind TNBTA

  The Film In the art book The Noise Beneath the Apple, author Heather Jacks tells the story of 35 NYC buskers over the course of 200 pages of words and photographs. And now, as a followup and fundraiser, she has teamed with producer/musician Keaton Simons and brought together 30 performers featured in the book to record a special rendition of Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind,” with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, which…

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Country Duo, Two Way Crossing, Delivers in Debut EP

two way crossing

Today, the world of country music is being inundated from every direction by mainstream artists taking their turn at slide guitar and lyrics laced with pickup trucks and hound dogs, (ie: Aaron Lewis, the front man of Staind, Bon Jovi and Jeff Tweedy, to name just a few). What this means is that most of Nashville’s artists are putting out music that’s a tiny bit country and mostly pop, or party music with little substance. This isn’t a criticism, as…

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Esquire Premieres Our Song!


The Noise Beneath the Apple® (TNBTA), a multi-media project that strives to legitimize the profession of busking, today partnered with Esquire Magazine to premiere a one-of-a-kind musical collaboration that honors street musicians and the city of New York. 30 of NYC’s buskers, who were featured in the project’s self-titled 200-page Award Winning limited edition art-style book,

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Sweet Music, Sweet Karma and Sweet Relief

Sweet Relief Sqaure

We are preparing to release our music single, New York State of Mind as done by New York City Street Musicians with next week. We need your help to get as many ears on the music as we can, and create some good Karma along the way! Some years ago, I had a fortuitous stroke of luck. I signed up for a Learning Exchange class in SoHo; the class was a bust, so I headed to the train. I stopped at Starbucks on the way,…

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Scribble Victory Exclusive Single Premiere, Stalemate


We are excited to welcome Scribble Victory to The Noise Beneath the Apple®, and present for your listening pleasure an exclusive premiere of Stalemate; the first single from their upcoming album, Confidence, slated for released in October. Scribble Victory is making the leap from across the Big Pond with a laid, back, acoustic sound akin to Bon Iver or Bright Eyes. The lyrically strong and harmonically rich duo, hail from the small English town of Derby in the UK. The…

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Lee Gibson, Nashville Based Country Singer In Review


Today country music is a blur of sounds and styles, melding together. Turn on country radio and you will hear heavy metal guitar solos sitting side by side country twang.  When I was younger, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Ronnie Milsap and Hank Sr. were mainstays, streaming through the tinny AM radio with foil rabbit ears protruding from the back. In spite of all the good—and not so good—pop music permeating the airwaves today; it’s nice to know that there is…

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Healthy Helping of Blues Served Up By St. Louis Based, Brian Curran

brian curran

St. Louis based street performer, Brian Curran wasn’t even born when the Blues and Roots were alive and strong, when people watched music through plumes of cigarette smoke instead of through phones. But his love and understanding of the culture is evidenced in the 12 track CD, Live at Off Broadway. In it, he demonstrates sophistication beyond his years and an ability to hear beyond the edges, delivering his own interpretations to tunes from Son House to John Prine. Making…

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Jesse Macht, Suitcase Heart in Preview


We all have a heart. Some of us have ours buried deep down between pain, suffering, emotional walls and frustrations about the meaning of all this chaos. Others less spiritual find a heart between, well, a spleen, stomach, and other organs. Alright, so we all have different degrees of compassion, love, and caring, but we have a heart of some kind. And when we traverse the world we carry these burdens from out heart as if a suitcase making its…

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Axis of Action, Web Series In Review


I’m a fan of web series. Last year we reviewed, Vince Foster’s, award winning series, On Empty. This year, we take on Kyle Cowgill. For the last two and half years, Kyle’s  been making a high concept action comedy series about a couple who’s everyday problems transform into crazy adventures. Think “Walter Mitty” meets “Mission: Impossible.” Each episode is based around a common relationship problem. From things as simple as “stop watching sports all the time” to cheating; each problem is…

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