Help Us Raise $ With the SFGiants

Collage of new bags

Help Us Raise $ With the SFGiants By Rocking A Record     And we will give $10.00 to Bryan Stow as part of our Gamer Babes Fundraising effort. If you don’t know the unbelievably tragic story and senseless violence that befell Bryan Stow, here it is in a nutshell. Bryan Stow, is an SF Giants fan, who was severely beaten and attacked as he and three other Giants fans, all Bay Area paramedics, walked through the parking lot after the Dodgers’…

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Indie Artist of the Day, Emanuel Gibson, The Suffering In Review


Suffering is relative. That eerie moment when you realize that problems with your ex-girlfriend or a broken down car, grossly and perhaps selfishly pale in comparison to the struggles of others. They seem so immediate and huge, but are in fact, inconsequential. Yet, when Emanuel Gibson explores the idea of suffering in his aptly titled EP, The Suffering, it seems to be one of internal battle. I Know What You’re Afraid Of is tangible. Eyes roll in the backs of heads….

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Andrea Dawn Sophomore Album, Doll, Preview


  Andrea Dawn’s sophomore full-length album, Doll, is an exercise in accepting vulnerability, while remaining triumphantly confident through those times when you feel anything but. The songs are sincere, passionate and teetering between meticulously handcrafted and organically natural. This is a scalding dissection of modern love, cultivated from a woman so confident and aware of herself that it radiates between every hook and line. Dawn is classically trained in both piano and voice, making lyrical content and songwriting a highlight,…

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Street Artist of The Day: Lindsay Dragan


    Written by Ryan Merkel of Culture Tease and Resident Review Guru of TNBTA®. I consider myself a rather astute listener, so this slightly embarrassing story is a little peculiar. I was listening to two tracks at the same time from the absolutely elegant guitarist and vocalist, Lindsay Dragan. It was certainly a mistake, a little journalistic multi-tasking that occurs when one is busy readying their thoughts and finding some background about who and what they are listening to. …

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Rock A Record, Rock Art for the Hip at Heart


I am a professional writer, based in the magnificent city by the Bay; San Francisco! But, I’m an ’80′s kid in heart and soul; not as in, “I was born in the eighties”, but as in I was donning the fashions, shaving the head, coloring what hair was left, cutting fingers off perfectly decent pairs of gloves, rocking the blue eye shadow and hitting the dance hall floors with synth music, The Purple One and New Wave! Rock A Record…

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Our 1st Television Appearance!

vertro tv

We Need Your Help!Last week we went to Los Angeles, where I filmed an interview for a new show called TREASURES. I chatted about busking and street performance, the process of creating our Award Winning Book and shared stories of the amazing performers from within the pages of that book. It went really well and was great fun.The ½ hour segment will be aired 3x this weekend online at Film On TV. Friday: 6:30p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Saturday: 6:30p.m. – 7:00…

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What Is Busking?


What is busking?  Where did it come from? How long has it been around? These are all questions that have no easy answer; if they have answers at all. In its most simple and uncontested definition, busking is performing on street corners in exchange for money.  Check out our 4 minute video, in which we attempt to scratch the surface of this unique culture, and perhaps gain a little understanding along the way. It is in no means meant to be…

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Make Money with Merch in Four Easy Steps

merch table

When I go to a show, one of the first things I do, is visit the merch table. Next, I drag my friends over to visit the merch table and then we buy–(before the show even starts!)  I am always STUNNED when musicians, who are ‘selling their songs‘, have a substandard merch table–or worst of all: NO merch table! That being said, I thought this article about merch, could be very helpful to indie musicians and buskers alike. It doesn’t…

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TNBTA Virtual Book Tour

Tour Dates

We are very excited to Announce our 1st Virtual Book Tour! We will be appearing on several book blogs between April 1st & April 9th. Some interviews, some guest posts, some spotlights, all street music, all buskers, all the time! Hope you can join us for one of the dates! As always, we love a #TNBTA tweet, share, etc… AND…you can enter to win some FREE goods. Click on a post below and sign up. Here is a pic of some of the items up for grabs!

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Introduction to Licensing Music

by GREG SAVAGE Licensing music is simply the act of giving a third party the right to use your material. Three common music licenses are the blanket license, sync license and master license. Music Licensing can be quite confusing, and while there are different types of licenses, I’d like to focus on three I feel are most vital to us as composers, producers, and artists: blanket license, sync license, and master license. Terms to pay attention to throughout this post: Licensee: person/client…

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