Italy Offers Us Brent Steed’s Metal/Punk Mix


I absolutely irrevocably and eternally love music. This is for a wide number of reasons, but one of the main ones is the idea of never knowing what is around the corner. Is your new favorite band ready to pop up tomorrow? Will I hear something I have never heard before just spring into a random online radio station? Brent Steed is a punk/metal band from the wonderfully classic country of Italy. I had no suspicion that our paths would…

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Rockwood Music Hall, Live Review: Cole Williams


It was close to midnight, and Cole Williams appeared, like the midnight fairy, wearing a long purple and yellow shawl, which wove itself around her shoulders and flowed around her in a diaphanous way–no one could have chosen anything to read better against the deep red lighting of Rockwood Music Hall. Her fey scarf contrasted beautifully with the striking fishnet pattern of her tights, and the two together evoked images of Old New York and the Burlesque scene, of which…

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Street Artist of the Day: Accordionista, Melissa Elledge


Wow. I have fallen into a rut in the last six months. I have stuck safely to my electronic favorites and been revisiting some indie rock staples that I hold dear. Every once in a while though, something new awakens my interest in non-conventional forms of music, and I fall down a bizarre rabbit hole of bluegrass or melodic Norwegian metal. Melissa Elledge may have just become the arbiter for a whole new adventure into the orifices of the accordion….

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Film Screening & Music Release of 30 NYC Buskers & New York State of Mind


Take 30 NYC Buskers; add an award winning music producer, one iconic song and ten hours in a recording studio and magic is created, in the short documentary film and music of From Street to Studio. Award winning author, Heather Jacks and highly acclaimed performing artist/musician, Keaton Simons will be hosting an intimate evening of film and music in the East Village of New York City at the beautifully restored speakeasy, The William Barnacle Tavern: 80 St. Marks Place, New…

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Writer’s Indian Heritage Inspires Award-Winning Book, Wins Coveted ‘Book of the Year’ Award


Judged by a select group of librarians and booksellers from around the country, ‘The Noise Beneath the Apple’ by author Heather Jacks received the 2013 ‘Book of the Year’ award recently during the American Library Association’s annual conference in Las Vegas.  SANFRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA—After nearly four years in the making and a successful crowdfunding campaign to independently publish her first book, Heather Jacks has plenty to celebrate after taking home her first award in the performing arts and media category from…

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Foreword Reviews Announces Winners of the 2013 IndieFab Book of the Year Awards


“June 27, 2014—The Foreword Reviews’ Book of the Year Awards, judged by a select group of librarians and booksellers from around the country, were announced this evening at the American Library Association Annual Conference in Las Vegas.  Representing hundreds of independent and university presses of all sizes, winners were selected after months of editorial deliberation over more than 1,500 entries in 60 categories. This year’s list of winners includes Garrison Keillor, Barry Lopez, Harvard Business Review, Georgia Museum of Art, B&H Publishing, Rizzoli…

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Rob Drabkin: Dramatically Implying that the Best Steps are the Little Ones

Rob Drabkin with photo credit

There are a lot of successes wrapped into the work of Rob Drabkin- and this is most certainly work. To make something crystalline clear with a cathartic blend of accessible soft rock-pop takes a lot of time and patience and understanding of what a great hook should really sound like. Rob Drabkin captures many spirited ideas of eternal love and destiny in his second full length record, Little Steps. He toys with this idea of fated love in “Down to…

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What I Am Learning About Film, Film Festivals and The Process


The truth is, I did not set out to be a filmmaker. I am a writer; a fairly good writer, but a writer, nonetheless. I set out to tell stories—-which is exactly what makes a good film; a good story. As you know, last year I ran a successful crowdfunding campaign, via Rockethub. I hoped to take the New York City buskers who were featured in our book, The Noise Beneath the Apple® to a recording studio, where we would…

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From Street To Studio: New York City Edition: IMDB Page


It’s such an amazing feeling to have our 1st film LOCKED! From Street To Studio: New York City Edition, has been an immense labor of love, and the journey has been incredible. Ultimately, we have ended up with a short documentary film, 20 minutes in length. A lot of wonderful things were left on the cutting room floor, but—do not fear! We have an amazing bonus reel with complete interviews from all the participants, shenanigans behind the glass and some…

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Okapi Sun, Indie Artist of the Day


An okapi is a very absurd looking animal that appears as a mix between a zebra, an antelope, and that fake little creature children draw when trying to do a horse that comes across as an awkward dilapidated mess. That is an okapi. It is a quite rare and elusive thing. And when I was trying to measure the tonal nature of the synthpop duo Okapi Sun, my mind kept returning to elusiveness, mystery, and sunny bright pastures. The name…

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