Jesse Macht’s New Video Rings in Holiday Tradition With Feel Good Sentiment


Christmas is coming. The goose is getting fat. Your hair is turning gray, you can’t sleep, and your ulcers are flaring up. If this sound like your typical holiday pre-show, it’s time to start doing things differently. Take a break and enjoy a new music video from Jesse Macht, “This Light”. It’s a feel-good holiday piece that reminds you it’s okay to change how you celebrate. It’s your holiday, after all. And if you feel just a little pick me…

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Tip Me, You Wanker! Jack Dempsey Busks From Across the Big Pond

Tip Me

Editor’s Note: We are delighted to welcome Jack Dempsey, from across the Big Pond. Jack Dempsey is the author of Tip Me, You Wanker! A Comedy Of Ill Manners In London’s Underground Tube. This is his first in a series of guest posts he will contribute to TNBTA®. Enjoy a good laugh and learn a bit about busking along the way! Cheers! Its 1978 and Britain’s Winter of Discontent is in full swing. It’s miserable. Luci and I are holed up in a squat in…

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Meet SF Street Artist, John Tunui

john tunui paintings

On November 15th, Project Nunway 666; Heretics of Fashion was held at the SoMArts & Cultural Center. This annual charity event raises monies for the general fund of  The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence SF, chapter, who then grant the donations back to underfunded charities in the City. This year, I volunteered to run their first ever silent auction. Many local artisans donated their work. It was a huge success, generating over $4,000 for the Sisters.  As the holidays approach, I wanted…

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Buskers of the Day, Franglais; An Audio Postcard for the Ages


  Some years ago, my son and I spent a summer in France. It was one of those moments that stay frozen in time; like a favorite movie that keeps replaying in heart and head. My son, then 16 had yet to enter that stage, where exasperated sighs would escape through clenched teeth and eyes would roll at the very sound of the parental voice. We drank cappuccino, gorged on pastries, traveled and reveled in all that is French. That…

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What Is Busking?

What is busking, you ask? Check out this 3 minute video to get a little insight. What Is Busking from Heather Jacks of TNBTA on Vimeo.

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From Street To Studio Short Film Trailer

TNBTA New York State Of Mind

A promotional video for our short film, From Street to Studio: NYC Edition. To learn more or order your copy, visit our eShop today. From Street To Studio Trailer from Heather Jacks of TNBTA on Vimeo.

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